Why Protective Eyewear Is Crucial for Work Safety

Safety eyewear can protect your eyes from hazards at home and work. Research suggests that 1,000 eye injuries occur in the workplace every day. Many of the injuries result in preventable blindness.

Experts say that 90% of the injuries are preventable by using appropriate eye gear. Businesses can save time and money by ensuring workers wear protective eyewear. Find out why protective eyewear is crucial for workplace safety.


Protective Eyewear at Work


Safety eyewear can protect the eye from various work hazards that can cause long-term injuries, including blindness. About 60% of workplace eye injuries happen to people not wearing eye protection. The other 40% occur when individuals fail to wear the correct safety eyewear for the job. It is essential to wear protective eyeglasses even when performing tasks at home.


Hazards in the Workplace


Every workplace has potential hazards, but some jobs are riskier than others. Injuries that occur in the workplace include those related to chemical, physical, and biological hazards. Over 40% of work eye injuries occur among carpenters, mechanics, plumbers, and other craft workers.


Over 30% happen among assemblers, sanders, and other equipment operators, and over 20% among people in construction. Almost half of the total injuries occur in the manufacturing industry. Most eye injuries are caused by falling or flying objects.


Types of Protective Eyewear


There are various types of protective eyewear, including goggles, safety glasses, and face shields. They help protect the eyes from hazards such as chemicals, blunt force injuries, burns, and dust. It is essential to wear the correct protective eyewear.


An assessment of potential hazards helps determine the best protective eyewear. Workers need to follow safety recommendations while performing specific duties. Hazards can occur unexpectedly, but the right safety gear can increase the chances of positive outcomes after accidents.


Benefits of Protective Eyewear


Workers need to protect their eyes when working in certain environments. Benefits of the safety eyewear include:


  • They can prevent common injuries

  • They protect the eyes against different workplace hazards

  • They can help improve vision

  • They reduce the severity of injuries


Preventing Eye Injuries


Preventing eye injuries in the workplace can save time and money. Experts estimate the annual cost of workplace eye injuries at almost $300 million. It includes the cost of doctor’s visits, surgery, treatment, and compensation for the damage.

In some cases, there are legal costs involved and other indirect costs. Wearing protective eyewear is a cost-effective solution to ensure eye safety. It is essential to wear the eyeglasses consistently.

Apart from preventing work-related eye injuries, protective eyewear can protect against other daily hazards. Special lenses in safety eyewear can improve vision and help the individual see clearly.

Polarized and anti-fog lenses can increase comfort in many conditions. They also help protect from harmful UV rays. They can help prevent issues caused by long-term sun exposure for individuals who work outdoors.


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